"Not only does Dr. Geer show competence in how he relates to me as a patient, he also shows a great deal of care in how he relates to me as a person."  - Tripp Sanders

"When I first came to Dr. Geer's office, it had been some time since I had last had a dental check up. Frankly, the main reason for this was due to my own anxiety from negative experiences with other dentists. I was delighted to find that not only was my treatment professional and friendly, it was also prompt, thorough, and at times even fun! Dr. Geer and his staff have a unique way of combining excellence and enjoyment in their care for patients. From the time I walked into their office I have felt at ease knowing that I am in good hands, that the staff know what they are doing and are able to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to care for me and the other people they treat. " - Heath Greene

"Dr. Geer and his entire staff made me feel right at home from the moment I arrived this afternoon.  The only other time I’ve needed a crown I saw another dentist – I was anxious and tearful and the dentist seemed frustrated with me.  Dr. Geer is warm, gentle, and compassionate, and the members of his staff have wonderful senses of humor and caring spirits.    Sometimes when you visit the dentist your body hurts from the tension of having been there.  Somehow Dr. Geer made this experience both professional and fun.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as the dentist to see in Winston-Salem." - Kelli E. Scanlon



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Andrew Geer DDS
3244 Reynolda Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

P. 336-922-2542
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